Philip Smith-New York Legends

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The Brass Band Bridge - Philip Smith-New York Legends

”What a feast of trumpet music and trumpet artistry this fabulous disc contains! The Phil Smith ‘sound’ dominates – that gorgeous, controlled, warm tone that is never overpushed in any register/dynamic not allowed to falter in the softest moments….The outstanding musical friends he has gathered to assist him play an integral part in the disc’s success and several have a long standing relationship with him….You are hearing some of New York’s and America’s finest let loose in this great album closer [Great Day Coming]….While there have been some excellent recordings of the Tomasi in the past, Smith’s aggressiveness, whimsy, and bravura in the outer movement and his unsurpassed lyricism and rubato in the middle section will make this a showcase “how-to-do-it-all” for developing players.

Whether you like to be hit between the eyes with overwhelming trumpet power or whether you want to revel in exquisitely shaped, quiet, lyrical trumpet playing, you will get the full range of expression and style on this outstanding album by one of the world’s finest brass musicians. CALA have done a fine job in all aspects of the production – sound, balance, graphics, program notes. Don’t miss this one!The Brass Band Bridge September 1998